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We are engaged in a fascinating, challenging and necessary transition towards a more balanced and elevated human society.
Stewards of capital have a critical responsibility to break with the past and create the world anew.

Capital for the 21st Century

NextWorld is a global organization combining investments
and non-profit activities under one brand.

Our common purpose is to leverage our capital to create value for society.

Investments are predominantly in private equity in the US and Europe, ranging from venture capital to stable long-term ownership positions. NextWorld Evergreen is our flagship strategy, a 100-year fund focused on the US consumer. Fondation Erol, a Swiss foundation, focuses on environmental issues and social justice while 836M, a non-profit gallery produces artistic and cultural events. Each Partner Organization operates independently, supporting each other and sharing in common NextWorld’s purpose and values.

NextWorld Core Principles are Stewardship,
Social Responsibility, Cooperation and Effectiveness.